L.D. Guide Service Fishing Equipment

Most fishing is done from my 21 foot Bayrunner SeaArk Jet boat with a 250 HP Mercury Optimax motor to make your day's fishing comfortable and successful. I can take two people at a time and sometimes three if they are small on the boat.

Professional Guide
Quality Lures

Rods and reels if needed. Mine are all custom made by "Big Dady Rods"
Sorry; If my Rods or Reels are broken or lost by you I must charge you a $75.00 deposit fee. They cost me at least 2 or 3 times that. .
Free photo of your best fish over 15" put on my web site

*Some people like lunch provided so they have one less thing to think about, some would rather bring their own. To keep the cost of your charter down, I can't see raising my prices to include a lunch that some may not want so I will provide an option lunch at a price of $10.00 per person. Each lunch will include two sandwiches, two sodas or waters, chips and desert. We would go over your sandwich options before the charter.

Valid PA State Fishing License
Soft-soled shoes or boots
Food and beverage for lunch
Appropriate clothing/rain gear
Sunglasses and camera
Small cooler for your lunch
Arrive on time

Suggested Rods & Line

Although any rod or line will work, to have the most fun and success, I suggest you bring a light to medium spinning or casting rod capable of casting a 1/8oz. jig. Your line should be no more than 1 year old in 8 to 10lb. test, moss green or clear color. I suggest you use 8 to 10lb. test when we use top water plugs or crank baits, with a medium rod.I personally use 10lb Stren Magnathin for my spinning reels and 14lb Suffix for my casting reels.

If you bring line less than 8lb test, please bring your own lures. I don't charge for lost lures and I'd like to keep them for awhile.Remember, I have quality rods and reels for you to use