Susquehanna River
Chartered Fishing Guide

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The River


Come join author Lance Dunham, as he puts you in the passenger seat, to some of his best stories and memories as a fishing guide on the Susquehanna River in this satellite book to “Legend Or Survivor”.

Join in on the laughs to some of the most memorable stories in forty three years as a fishing guide.

Wild and crazy stories will captivate you and put you in the moment while being one hundred percent “filter free”.

Join Lance as he drifts through the stories that impacted him the most!

1. Lessons Learned
2. Risque & Gross Encounters
3. Let ’em Live
4. Ice Fishing The River
5. Stay In The Boat
6. Booze On The Boat
7. The Armed Guide
8. Floods
9. Pre-Fishing With Friends and Sponsors
10. The Interview
11. Murphy’s Law
12. The LD Chop’r
13. Sponsors and Pro Staff
14. To Thy Self Be True
15. Toothy VCritters
16. Little Known and Useless Facts