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Visit me daily on Facebook under Lance Dunham and LD Guide Service: For those that need to reschedule because of the high water please do so ASAP. If your reschedule was approved by me you can use a date from this year or 2020 but please do it now so I can keep my books straight. Thanks! Now Booking for 2019 & 2020, get the date you want by booking early and confirm with your deposit. During the fishing season, e-mail is always the best way to communicate with me or phone message/ text. I do check  constantly on my phone but I can't talk on the phone while I'm with clients or driving.

July and August are really good times to get large numbers of fish and the winners of a free charter for the most number of fish in a day have come from these months for the last several years. To get the best out of these months I suggest you start as early as possible. 6:00AM is not too early, you can get in a good mornings fishing and be off in time for lunch and also miss the afternoon heat.

To anyone who had a charter scheduled last year with a deposit paid where we couldn't go, please reschedule your trip ASAP for this year. The same goes for anyone who has a gift certificate, please book asap and bring your gift certificate with you

June 1st: Fished with Terry Catlin and Cody. The sky was mostly sunny and the water was dark stained. We fished for 6hrs and the only thing that worked was the Adams Crank baits. We caught 19 fish with 1 walleye in the mix.

May 31st: Happy Birthday to me! Fished for a few hours with Jack Strophild. The morning was clear but the water was really dark stained. We caught 15 fish with 1 walleye in the mix.

May 30th:Too Muddy again to fish

May 29th: Was supposed to have fly fishermen today but rain storms and a muddy river made us reschedule.

May 28th: Muddy river, rescheduled the 6hr charter that we were supposed to have but one of the guys wanted to come up for just 4hrs anyway. I knew it would be bad. We just tried the creeks where there was some light stained water but only got 2 bites and 2 fish, one being a walleye.

May 27th: Fished the afternoon with Chuck Gyeski and his son. There were just 2 spots that had some clear water and they did great with them boating 22 fish with 1 channel cat in the mix.

May 27th: Fished with Larry O'Conner and his daughter Natalie. River came up 2ft! The sky was sunny and the water dirty and 64 degrees. The first half hour at the first spot had action. Natalie had a hard hit on her second cast and a musky errupted from the water! The big fish was more that her line could take and after 2 minuits it bit through her line. I retied her tube back on a a few casts as she got her bait by the boat, a smaller musky came by and took her tube again! We caught just a total of 5 bass because a wall of thick mud came down the river and we couldn't see a black tube 2" down in the river all all bites stopped. I said lets call this one practice and reschedule the charter.

May 25th & 26th: Memorial Day weekend and I didn't fish. Big storm tonight.

May 22nd. Evening charter with Chris Collins and his buddy. We caught 31 fish

May 22nd: Fished with Kevin Readinger and Andy Doyle. We caught 64 fish!

May 21st: Went fishing with Todd Fetterolf and his buddy Rob. The sky was partly cloudy with 12-17mph winds. The water was medium stained and 63 degrees. We caught 61 fish with 2 walleye with half of them from 15" to 19 1/4" in 6hrs.

May 20th: Evening trip with Rich Rodack and his brother. We caught 21 fish with 2 channel cats in the mix.

May 20th: Fished with John Snyder and Jeff. The sky was mostly sunny and the water dark stained and 62 degrees. We caught 44 fish with 2 walleye and 2 channel cats in the mix.

May 19th: Fished with Mike Day and his daughter Rachel. The sky was sunny and the water was dark stained and 62 degrees. We caught 32 bass.

May 18th: Rick Wright and his son Brandon came for their 3hr trip I donated to the Sulivan County Kiwannas. They caught 12 fish with Brandon catching his personal best smallmouth. LDNF

May 18th: Went fishing with Dave Pchola and his grandson nathan. The sky turned out sunny and the water was dirty brown, high, and 58 degrees. We caught 27 fish with 4 walleyes in the mix on a black teaser tube.

May 15th -17th: High muddy river, I won't risk a clients safety for a paycheck and maybe a few fish. It should be safe tomorrow.

May 14th:Hit the gym early. River up to 10ft. At least 4ft too high to fish up here, rescheduled charters

May 13th: River came up too high to fish, we rescheduled

May 12th: Happy Mothers Day to all! No fishing today in the cold all day rain!

May 11th: Fished with Dave Pchola and Don Eckman. The sky was mostly cloudy and the water came up 6" overnight and was dirty stained and 58 degrees. We caught 56 fish with 1 channel cat in the mix. Rain again tonight!

May 10th: Every day without rain the river gets better. Fished with Todd Fetterolf and his brother. We caught 101 fish with 1 Northern pike and 2 walleye in the mix, Look out it's supposed to rain tonight.

May 9th: Fished with John Snyder and Ed Bardzel.  The river came down some and was medium stained. We caught 72 fish! A great day.

May 8th: Fished the evening with Rich Heck and his father-in-law. Things were pretty slow until we got to our last hole where we caught most of our 27 fish along with a 45" musky

May 8th: Fished with Jason Teets and Rick MacNeil for a half day. We caught many big bass with a count of 38 fish.

May 7th: Fished with Shay and Kristin Goodwin for a few hours. For the last 2 years it was Kristin that caught the most and biggest but this year Shay dominated the evening with the most and biggest. we caught 22 fish.

May 7th: Fished for a half day with Tom Alderfer and his buddy for a half day. We caught 21 fish.

May 6th: We rescheduled the morning trip buy Jim Benson came for the evening trip with his grandson. We caught 12 fish with 2 walleyes in the dirty fast water.

May 5th: River up and muddy, we rescheduled.

May 4th: yesterday it rained hard up in NY and it made the river here jump up 2ft and muddy! I had 2 guys out  for 3 hrs. We tried 3 good spots. Got blanked out at the first 2 and I caught 2 bass on the 3rd. The river was still climbing and I knew it wasn't going to get any better so I offered to give the guys a reschedule and they wisely took it.

May 3rd:Steve and Justin Hillman came to fish today. The sky was cloudy and the water med stained and 50 degrees. The guys did great! They caught 39 fish with 2 walleyes, 2 fall fish, 1 channel cat and Steve caught a big 50" Musky at 47 lbs! That sure made everyones day!

May 2nd: Filmed a TV show with Wild Sportsman w/Alan Probst in the afternoon. Randy Emerich of Big Dady Rods came along also. We had a great time , caught about 25 fish, Alan landed a big bass on the Ragetail 2.75 Swimmers. I caught a bunch of bass on the new D1.25 ATAK crank bait .

May 1st: Fished with Rich Rodack for 4 hrs. We caught 21 fish mostly on Ragetail 2.75 Swimmers.

May 1st: Doug DeNure and his buddy came to fish. The sky was mostly cloudy and the water stained and 49 degrees. They caught 26 fish on jigs. LDNF.

April 30th: John Snyder and his buddy Jerry came to fish. The sky was mostly cloudy and the water dark stained. They caught 13 fish and John caught 12 of them with 1 walleye in the mix.. Good job!

April 29th: Scheduled day off to see the eye doc one more time after cateract surgery. Everything is all healed, need the drug store readers to tie knots with but now I can see all the river rocks before we get to them! It's great to be able to see clearly again!

April 26th: Cold heavy rains so today and the next 2 days were rescheduled.

April 25th: Ed and Jason Miller fished with me for a pleasant evening before the storm which was going to hit tomorrow. Every year for the last 3 years they have fished in a spring rain so we stayed out for 5 hours  for the nice weather. We caught 20 fish with some big ones being caught on the Adams cranks and Rage 2.75 Swimmers.

April 25th: Larry Zuchelli and his buddy came to fish in the tough conditions. Things were starting to look up as the Adams cranks were starting to work. They just caught 12 fish but they caught some big bass. The Adams cranks and the Ragetail 2.75 swimmers caught the fish.

April 24th: Fished 4hrs with Tom Sheriton. The river was still high, fast, and dirty. We caught 15 fish.

April 23rd: Rick & Kevin Machinsky came to fish in the muddy water. Again tough fishing with 11 fish caught.

April 22nd: Fished a few hours with George Rockler: The river was high and dirty. We caught 21 fish with 1 sucker in the mix.

April 21st: Happy Easter! Spending time with family.

April 20th: Didn't hear from client, muast have known the river was too bad to fish. Will reschedule.

April 19th: Heavy rains again brought up the river too high and muddy to fish, reschedule charters.

April 18th: Took out Ryan Kissett and his 2 buddies. The river was high, fast, and muddy. Very tough fishing. Couldn't see a black tube 3" down in the river. The guys caught 8 fish.

April 17th: Fished for a few hours with Mike Tressel. The sky was overcast and the river high and muddy. We caught 19 fish with 2 walleye in the mix.

April 16th: River too high from rain, reschedule trip.

April 15th: Got hit with a bad storm last night, heavy rain, lightning, very high winds, even a tornado or two in the county. The river is sure to go up now! Charter rescheduled.

April 14th: Got a message from client, he got hurt yesterday and had to cancell. Bummer, we were on a roll! But you can't fish if you're in pain.

April 13th: Fund day with Terry Bocai and his boys Matt and Tommy. The sky was fog early in the AM turning to a blue sky. Water got up to 51 degrees in the afternoon. I barley touched a rod and the guys caught 47 fish with a huge 30lb carp caught by Terry and Tommy caught his first walleye. Most were caught on the Ragetail 2.75 Swimmer and a modified ned rig. Several were caught on the Adams Encount'r 75 jerk bait.

April 12th: Fished with Gerry Oped. The sky was overcast and some rain. Water was stained and 49 degrees. We caught 52 fish with 3 walleyes and 1 channel cat in the mix mostly on Ragetail 2.75 swimmers and Snagler Baits teaser tubes. The Adams Encount'r 75 is starting to work.

April 11th: fished for 4 hours with Tony Benedict and his buddy JJ. The sky was overcast and the water med stained and 47 degrees. They caught 16 fish and did well. I did pick my rod up for 1 fish. All were caught on the Ragetail 2.75 Swimmer and the 2/0 Moaner Predator jig.

April 10th: Fished with Terry Ridgeway and his son Bill. The sky was mostly cloudy and the water stained and 48 degrees. We caught 39 fish with 2 walleye in the mix. As usual, all fish were released.

April 9th: Fished with Rich Rodack today for 4hrs after I got done at the gym. The sky was mostly cloudy with a threat of rain. The water was light stained and got up to 49 degrees. We caught 34 fish with Rich catching the vast majority of them. He kept me busy on the net most of the time which was great!

April 5th: Another eye doctor visit at the Guthrie, both eyes doing well. Thinking about getting prescription sun glasses for the river so I done have to keep switching from sun glasses to readers for knots and photos.

April 4th: Fished with Gregg Lipton today. The sky was partly cloudy and the water stained and 43 degrees. We caught 45 fish with 2 walleye in the mix.

April 3rd: Fished with Ed for 3hrs today. The sky was clear but the wind was 25mph which made it very difficult to fish. The water was dark stained, little high at 5ft, and got up to 42 degrees. We only caught 10 fish mostly because of the wind with 2 walleyes and 2 white suckers in the mix. Most of the fish were caught on the Ragetail Baby Craw rigged on a #2/0 Moaner Predator jig. Ed got a nice 24" walleye and I caught a 20" smallie.

March 28th: Went back to the hospital for a follow up exam and I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes! I will need the drug store "Cheater" glasses for reading but that's it!

March 27th: Had cataract eye surgery on my second eye today.

March 26th: Fished with my sponsor Adam LaMey of Adams Custom Lures along with his buddy Jerry. The sky was mostly cloudy and the water stained and 39 degrees. We caught 42 fish with 2 walleye, 1 channel cat, and 1 big carp in the mix. The Ragetail 2.75 swimmer caught most of the fish.

March 24th: Fished with Ron Treaburt for a few hours. Sky was mostly cloudy and the water 38 degrees. We caught 39 fish with 2 walleye in the mix.

March 23rd: Set up at the flea market down to the Shadowbrook resort and sold a lot of old merchandise I still had from my sporting goods store.

March 21st: Went up to Snake Creek Marine to get some boat work done

March 20th: Back to the eye doc for onr more check up before I get the last eye surgery next week. Can't wait!

March 19th: Finally after the river calmed down and in between cataract surgerys I got to go fishing with Ed Bardzel for about 3hrs. The sky was mostly cloudy with a cool wind. The water was dark stained and 35 degrees. We caught 18 fish with 1 walleye in the mix and yes I lost a small pike or musky close to the boat. Ragetail 2.75 Swimmers and small teaser tubes by Snagler Tackle caught the fish. My new rods custom built by Big Dady Rods worked great!

Feb 22-24th: Had a 30ft booth at the Wild Outdoors Expo at the Mohegan-Sun in Wilkes-Barre PA. I gave away my new DVD on fishing in Maine with Randy Flannery to everyone that attended my seminars. Gave out over 50 of them. Not bad for a small Expo. Word has it that this show is moving down to Oaks PA next year.

Feb 15th-16th: Had a double booth at the Mifflinburg PA Expo. A Great little show!

Feb 7th: Took the "Beast" up to Snake Creek Marine and had them install a new Ultrex trolling motor. Now I can stand in the center of the boat wirh fly fishing clients and control the trolling motor with a remote.

Jan 24th - 27th: Worked my booth at the Early Bird Expo in Bloomsburg PA. I've done this Expo for over 20 yrs now. Always a good show.


Jan 4th: Fished with good friends Adam LaMey and Ed Bardzel. The sky was semi cloudy and the water 37 degrees. We caught 12 fish with 2 walleyes in the mix.

Jan 8th: Fished with Ralph Lester for a few hours. The sky was partly cloudy and the water 35 degrees. We caught 17 fish with 3 walleyes and a northern pike in the mix mostly on Rage 2.75 swimmers rigged on a Moaner Predator 2/0 jig.

Jan 17-20th: First Expo of the season at the Lycoming Mall. Big snow storm on the way had to leave Sat afternoon. got home just as the strom hit.





Susquehanna River Conditions

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