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Visit me daily on Facebook under Lance Dunham and LD Guide Service: For those that need to reschedule because of the high water please do so ASAP. If your reschedule was approved by me you can use a date from this year or 2018 but please do it now so I can keep my books straight. Thanks! Now Booking for 2017 & 2018, get the date you want by booking early and confirm with your deposit. During the fishing season, e-mail is always the best way to communicate with me or phone message/ text. I do check  constantly on my phone but I can't talk on the phone while I'm with clients or driving.

In July and August the best fishing is in the early morning! I'm willing to start as early as dawn, or 5:30AM but no later than 7:30AM to catch the most fish and beat the heat before that mid day sun hits us! Please tell me when you call to confirm

April 22nd: River is dropping but it's at 11 foot! I'll be lucky to go fishing 5 days from now!

April 21st: Rained hard during the night and even more so in NY. When my client and I arrived at the river it had come up a couple of feet and mud! We decided to reschedule. The river kept on rising during the day and crested at a little over 11ft! That's 6ft higher than I like to take out clients in!

April 20th: Had the day saved for an outdoor writer that couldn't make it. Crap! Looks like rain anyway.

April 19th: Fished the morning with Bob and Sue Little. The sky was mostly cloudy and the water stained and 55 degrees. This was their first time fishing and we had a blast! Once they learned how to cast the fish started getting caught. We caught 44 fish with 2 walleyes in the mix. Nothing real big but that didn't matter to them. 

April 18th: Fished with Jim Murphy and his son Evan. The sky was sunny and the water stained. Evan was new to river fishing but he got the hang of it and did just fine. We caught 22 fish today mostly on Ned rigs but I caught 2 big bass on the Adams Custom Lures crank bait.

April 17th: Fished with Colby Conaway and his mom Lee Ann. The sky was mostly sunny and the water dark stained and 54 degrees. We caught 25 fish and Colby brought along his drone for some great camera footage.

April 16th: Happy Easter, spent the day with my relatives.

April 15th: Fished for a while with Frank Gresson this morning. The sky was partly cloudy and the water dark stained and 51 degrees. We caught 32 fish with 2 walleye in the mix.

April 14th: Fished with Chris and Ryan again today. The sky was semi cloudy and the water was dark stained and 50 degrees. We caught 14 fish with 1 sucker in the mix. Several big quality bass were caught again today on hair jigs, Rage Baby Craws, and Snagler Spinner Baits.

April 13th: Fished with Chris Porch and his 12 yr old son Ryan. The sky was mostly cloudy with a constant cold wind. The water was high,fast, and dark stained. We caught 11 fish with 1 walleye in the mix. Had a big carp on for a while but lost it also one of the biggest bass I've seen in a while won it's fight with the young angler. We had to work for the fish but we caught some big ones! The mud at the ramp is deep! 

April 12th: River still high at 6 1/2 ft but Sponsor Adam LaMey of Adams Custom Lures and I gave it a try. The sky was partly cloudy and the water was high, fast, dark stained and 49 degrees. We caught 10 bass and 1 walleye all on a black/blue Rage Baby Craw rigged on a Moaner Predator jig.

April 11th: River too high to take out a client at 7 1/2ft, but not too high to take a buddy. Ed Bardzel and I zig zagged around the floating trees and debris to try it today. The sky was sunny and the water high, fast, and dirty brown. We caught 5 bass in the 5hrs we were out so it was tough fishing. Biggest was 18". Caught on a blue claw Rage Baby Craw and a small black swim bait. Felt good to get back on the water but we weren't prepared for the sun, we both got burnt!

April 10th: River still too high to fish, so I took my truck to get serviced when I still had the chance.

April 8th: Had to go to my farm pond for a fishing fix. Caught 13 large mouth bass. The biggest was 20" on an Adams Crank.

April 7th: River going up to flood stage at 16ft, that"s 10ft too high! It will be up into the parking lot! CRAP!

March 25th: And then the rain came and the snow melted. The river came up too high and hasn't gone back down.

March 21st: Went over to the ramp on the way back from the gym this morning and there was still 9" to 12" of snow on the access road but I had to try it first. Only got stuck 4 times coming back out to the main road! I'll check it again this coming weekend, there is supposed to be some warm weather coming to melt the snow. Just hope the river doesn't rise too much with the melt off.

March 18th: Went to a Game dinner at New Milford to hear my good friend Randy Flannery give a seminar. Still can't get to the river because of deep snow. This is killing me because the river itself is fishable.

March 14th, the BIG Snow, over 30" around here, can't do anything!


 March 7th: With the winter sports expo's over for me I contacted my buddy Ed Bardzel to try out the river. The water was a bit high and fast with a dark stain and 36 degree water temp. It didn't matter because I mainly wanted to try out the boat after getting it back from Snake Creek Marine for it's early spring check up. The boat worked great but as expected the fishing was very slow. I was mainly using my big musky rod hoping for a musky bite. I asked Ed to use our regular jigs in the meantime to try and catch anything so we wouldn't get skunked. I was also throwing some cranks and spinner baits knowing the water was too cold for the fish to chase but I use all Sponsor baits every time I fish regardless of the conditions. We fished a total of 3 hours or so and it was at 2 hours that Ed caught a beautiful 26", 6lb walleye on a Rage Baby Craw rigged on a Moaner Predator jig. I couldn't stand it no longer so I picked up my light baitcasting rod which was also rigged with a Rage Baby Craw and with the first cast I thought I had a big log but it was coming in. All the sudden it took off and I had a big musky on the line. After about 15 min I got it tired out so it could be netted . My cradle net has a 60" measure on it and I saw it was over 48" so we called it 49". After several photos I released it unharmed for the next lucky angler. While I was posting it on line, Ed caught a 17" smallmouth and we called it a day. 


Susquehanna River Conditions

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