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Book Reviews

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 "Great Book! It had stories that made me laugh, one that made me cry all filled with excitiment that kept me reading. Information on fishing I didn't know, along with interesting history. I never would have known this was a first book author. Very well done! "

Mary Stone

"I was dead tired when finished because I couldn't put it down at bed time. Loved the stories, maybe you could convince my wife to buy me a new boat!"

John Richardson


"Hi Lance! Just wanted to let you know, I finished your book tonight. It is a great read, I very much enjoyed it! Thank-you!!"

Diane Broschart


" I reall liked reading the behind the sceans stories on the Media and the WCO's. You have much more patience than I. Great read!"

Mike Flontain


"So...I AM READING!! Couple of days ago I received in the mail.. Lance Dunham"s new book, which in the past few nights, I have been curled up on the couch reading it!!

If you cinsider yourself a fisherman....trust me.. you need to buy this book!!

Lance's wonderful sense of humor is interjected through out the book and his tip and techniques are something you definitely need to keep in your personal tackle box!! I took the book with me to my eye appointment to continue reading while in the waiting room, and exam room. My  Ophthalmologist came in, saw what I was reading and asked to see it. 20 minutes later he was still reading my book!!! "Hey Doc, I'll give you the web address to buy your own, but I start to work in 20 minutes and I still have to get there!!

 Working for my brother all these years, I have had the pleasure of meeting and becoming family with many in the industry. Dick Bernier and Lance Dunham have always been at the top of my list! Lance is one of the best bass fishing guides in North America! He is kind, caring, and knowledgeable in his field! He knows more about fishing the Susquehanna River than 100 good guides that came before him put together!!!

I was lucky to have become friends with him all those years ago but even luckier to consider him Family!

Thanks for sending me the book Lance! I'ts Awesome!!!!

Buy the book, you won't be sorry!"

   Mary Beth Flannery. Veseskis


"You know I don't read books too much, I loose my intrest in them before I finish. I read yours in 3 nights! One of he best non-fiction books I've ever read. Loved the chapter on the WCO's! Keep up the good work!"

George Johnson Sr.