Legend Or Survivor "I've Seen It All!"
Book Reviews

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 "Great Book! It had stories that made me laugh, one that made me cry all filled with excitiment that kept me reading. Information on fishing I didn't know, along with interesting history. I never would have known this was a first book author. Very well done! "

Mary Stone

"I was dead tired when finished because I couldn't put it down at bed time. Loved the stories, maybe you could convince my wife to buy me a new boat!"

John Richardson


"Hi Lance! Just wanted to let you know, I finished your book tonight. It is a great read, I very much enjoyed it! Thank-you!!"

Diane Broschart


" I reall liked reading the behind the sceans stories on the Media and the WCO's. You have much more patience than I. Great read!"

Mike Flontain