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Here is what some of Lance's clients have to say about L.D.Guide Service


"Wow! Thanks again Lance for a fantastic day! It isn't often that I get an opportunity to get out and have so much fun with two of my best friends. It is also a rare occasion for either of them to get away and enjoy a day of fishing. We had some hardy laughs and thoroughly enjoyed the excellent fishing and your good company. I forwarded them the link to the pictures you posted on your web site."

  "You are a true gentleman and a gracious host. The home baked ham and meatloaf sandwiches you and your wife provided with all the xtras were well worth the small added cost and icing on the cake. We will definitely plan this as an annual event"

Best regards

Chris Schissler



_"Let's face it, given all the troubles that afflict guides (bad weather, uncooperative fish and game, unpleasant clients) truly good guides are extremely rare. And those of us who have fished with Lance know that he is one of the very, very best: knowledgeable, hard working, patient, friendly, professional,honest, just an all-around good person to spend a day with on the river. I've fished and hunted with guides from the Gulf of Mexico to the Hudson Bay and Lance is right up there at the top of the list."

George Ward




I wanted to take a moment to thank you for a great day on the water with you. Andrew and I had a fantastic time and learned a lot. He hasn't stopped talking about the trip. Thanks for helping us create some great memories. We are looking at dates and hope to book with you again next year when the water is a little warmer. Have a great holiday season. We look forward to fishing with you again soon.

Tight Lines

Dave Wilson



Thank you so much for such a great fishing experience!! My dad said it was the best gift he has ever received, spending time fishing... and you made it great fun! We will be going on line soon to book for next year (may look at fishing a little later in the month for warmer weather) Thanks again for everything!

Stan Schubel



I just wanted to thank you for a great evening of fishing. The patience you showed to my young daughter,Jenna, was really wonderful. She was so excited to catch a fish on her own and of course she is tickled to see her picture on your website. Her casting ability really improved by the end of the day. I also thoroughly enjoyed myself and I can tell you I will book another trip as soon as I can.


Ben DeVito




Hey lance

Yes, you were that good. It was such a great time too. Memories, memories, and more memories. I, for one, will be booking another charter. The pictures on the web site are awesome.

Thank you for such a great charter and your friendship

Judy Bowser



Let me thank you for the AMAZING day we had on the water! I know my dad and I both enjoyed ourselves incredibly. Thanks so much for the memories- I'm positive we'll both be back to make more.

Pete Nicholson


Had a great time with you today on the river.

134 fish in one day is astounding!

Can't wait for my next trip with LD !


Eric Keresty

Dear Lance

I wanted to write this thank you (and testimonial) for yesterdays fishing trip. Although I have been fishing for more than 50 years (I started young) and I have been on a goodly number of guided fishing trips, I have never experienced the consistent fishing action that we experienced yesterday. You knew exactly where to go, how to present the jerk baits and jigs for maximum action. After we caught 106 fish between us yesterday (with 102 being smallies), I think it is possible that on the right day, one of your skillful clients might be able to catch 100 fish.

It amazes me that you can help people catch fish when the river is like bath water (like when it was 80 degrees when we fished in June) and when the river is cold enough to give  polar bears goosebumps as it is getting. In my three trips with you this year, I have learned a lot of good techniques that I am anxious to apply to my wade-fishing close by. Your skills are only exceeded by your kindness. Please feel free to use me as a reference to anyone who wants to know about your abilities as a fishing guide and sportsman.

Rich Myers

"OMG! What a trip. I can't begin to do it justice in text. Everyone out there...if you want to fish for bass, look no further than L.D.Guide Service. Lance had the patience of a Saint trying to help us spin fish. He was an excellent guide! Not only did he "give us some schoolin" on the finer points of bass fishing, but also answered all of our "pesky" little questions as newbies. He made us feel right at home on his most cool jet boat.

Lance took my boy and myself out for a three hour tour...(just like Gilligan) and Josh and I caught some great bass on spinning rods. To quote Josh, "This is so much better than flyfishing. When can we do it again. I never had such a good time fishing! Really, you need to book a charter with Lance. It was AMAZING! Josh and I are still quivering with excitement."

Dave Pelachick

Towanda, Pa.

"Our time fishing with Lance was perfect. To fish with Lance is to fish with a true gentleman and a consummate professional.He took every detail into account and made a great fishing experience for my Dad and I. Lance knew every inch of water we fished on.He knew the exact location of every rock, tree stump, and drop off. I have used other guide services in the past, none of them has compared to the experience Lance provided for us."

Shamus Smith


"We wanted to send you a message to let you know how great it was to fish with you in August. My wife and I have never been on a guide trip and our day on the water with you was exceptional to say the least. You must understand that my wife and I have only fished our local river a few times. The frustration of currents and getting snagged was more than it was worth for my wife. After just one day on the water with you and your willingness to explain how to handle certain areas of the river, what to look for and what to expect, she had a new confidence about her. Now, a month later, we fish the Delaware River more than the local lakes and the smallmouth action is a new found excitement for both of us.

As you know, my wife caught her first smallmouth on your boat along with a state citation 19†trophy and many others. In the last month since that trip, she has caught more than 200 smallmouth and added 2 more state citations to her list of accomplishments using the same tactics you taught us, one being 20.5 inches and the most recent a beautiful 22 inch smallmouth.

Thanks so much for making our trip an educational journey on the river. Our day with you will never be forgotten and the things you taught us have made us both better anglers. We look forward to our next trip with you and we will certainly be referring any friends you way after such a great day and learning experience.

Clients for life,"

Mr. & Mrs. Matt Wilson

"My son and I have been fishing with Lance for 9 years and we hope to continue for another 99 years.My son was only 8 years old when we first stepped on Lance's boat.I'll never forget how enthusiastic we were that first day, what an adventure for both of us.What's amazing is that we both feel exactly the same way today. We both can't wait to spend the day fishing with our friend Lance. Did I mention we always catch a ton of fish?"

Rick Liebert

Ambler Pa.

"Ed Nestor and I have had the pleasure of fishing with Lance for eight years now.We met Lance at the Allentown Sportsman Show. We talked for over an hour about smallmouth fishing. On our way home we decided to book a trip.Now Ed and I believe in the catch and release program as so does Lance, by the way it's a great program. We didn't know what to expect. Now, we have been fishing for years and we knew what kind of rods and tackle to bring. If you're not sure what to bring you can e-mail or call Lance, he does have rods and tackle for you to use. So now back to our first trip. At the end of the day we had caught 101 smallmouth. What a day it was.Boy were we hooked! We've fished with Lance in all types of weather, hot sunny days, high muddy waters, ice and snow, yet we still always had a great trip. Just getting out for a day on the river with him is worth it. There's lots of interesting wildlife to see as you're floating down the river.You never know what you're in for while fishing, muskie, walleye, northern pike, smallies, catfish and carp. He will tell you what to fish with in different stretches of the river like jerk baits, tubes, jigs,stick worms,creature baits, Lance is the Real Deal. He will go out of his way to make your day the best you ever had. If you've been fishing for years, or just starting out, he's the guy you want to be with out on the river. I've told my neighbors and friends and they booked a trip with Lance. They come back and talk about the great trip they had. They also booked new trips with him because they enjoyed it so much. Not only did Ed and I find a new place to fish, we also got to be good friends with a great guy. So if you got the itch to try something new, e-mail or call Lance and book a trip. Ed and I did and we are here eight years later."

Barry Buchecker

Neffs, Pa.

A Day On The River With Lance - Or what I wanted for my 50th birthday.

What do women do when the kids are grown and gone? They go fishing!! At least these two moms do.

Of course, we put a mom's spin on everything - planning and worrying included.

We finally got to the river and it was just not a nice day for fishing, but we have made our reservation and we are determined to catch fish. There was a cold front moving in, some blustery winds and the threat of rain, but we put on our stay-warm-and-dry outfits and went for the adventure.

The weather improved and we even had some sunshine, which just added to the great time we were having. Did I mention that Lance didn't even flinch (that we saw) about taking two women fishing? I had warned him that we wanted to learn how to fish with the tubes and baits that he writes about in his newsletters and forums. Lance made our day. He was friendly and patient, even when we got hung up on the bottom in the fast current and had to "sacrifice a tube jig to the river gods". I caught my first muskie and Kathy caught her biggest ever smallmouth bass. We had a wonderful day and learned a lot. Now we just have to practice. And practice and practice and practice!!

I read the newsletter and forum posts everyday, hoping to learn something, now it is my turn to share. If you have just been watching and thinking that you will go fishing with Lance “somedayâ€, pick up the phone or send the email – a day on the river with Lance is going to be one of your best days ever!! Tell your spouse or your best friend that this is what you want for your anniversary or birthday!! A day on the river with Lance makes a truly wonderful gift. A memory that will be talked about with big smiles and that magic twinkle in the eye that only those who have shared a fishing experience can understand.

PS - Lance - as Arnold put it "I'LL BE BACK!!!"


AWSOME EXPERINCE !!!!!!!!! That's the best way to explain a day on the river with L. D. guide service. I have fished with Lance for the past 8 years in all 4 season's in all type's of water and weather condition's and have always' had great fishing trip's. Lance's knowledge of the river and his fishing skill's are first class. weather your an experience fisherman or just starting their's always' something you can learn from Lance. His knowledge of the outdoor's and the wildlife along the river and his great personality makes for a great day. It's not like fishing with a guide it's like spending the day on the river with a good friend.

Ed nestor

What can I say that has not already been said. Lance is by far the most experienced guide for smallmouth bass. On my first trip I took my son Joe along. He had not fished much for bass. Lance and I were using black tube baits, but Lance was using red hooks. After my son tore off a few times, Lance gave him the red hooks with the tube baits he was using. Joe caught a lot of smallies that day. All my son talked about on the way home was how much fun we had, and would never forget that day. I have and so has my son fished with Lance since that day, and always catch a lot of fish.Lance, you are the best!

Joe Getz Sr.
Nazareth, Pa.

As always Lance, Thank You. Keven Kurt and myself look very forward to fishing with you this Oct. Also enjoy the pic of the trophy smallie you put me on right on last April,it looks outstanding in my new home. Lance, you're an awesome guide, fisherman, and great friend. Never stop being the outdoorsman you are, you have not only a life long customer and friend on my end, but a fellow outdoorsman that looks up to you with the utmost respect. Have a great evening and keep those lines tight and rods bent. Fish On......My brother.

Kind Regards,
Keven L Bornmann 

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