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The right rod helps!

This might be long. I took out two great guys on a charter yesterday,(Jon and Paul), that had fished with me last year in the heat of the summer. There were totally different conditions this time. The water was cold in the low 40″s, it was also high, fast, and dirty. Not the easiest conditions. […]

Trophy Smallmouth

This 21 1/2″ smallmouth was no doubt at least 20 yrs old. Rare up here on the North Branch of the Susquehanna River. She was released unharmed. Water was 38 degrees with an overcast sky, medium stained water. March 26th, 2024. Caught on a Ragetail 3.25 Swimmer, rigged on a Predator jig using my 6’10” […]

RageTail Swimbaits and Predator Jigs

When the water turns cold say from 35 degrees to 43 degrees it’s hard to beat a RageTail Swimmer for river fish. Fish it very slow in calmer current and you will catch bass to musky!

High/Dirty/Cold Water

Like I tell the people at my seminars in the winter or early spring when the water is only in the 30’s or low 40’s with high/dirty /cold water. Increase your lure profile’ go dark color for contrast, get out of the current and slow down. This is what we did and we had a […]

Back on the river

The day was overcast, the water was dirty, fast and 39 degrees. Just got “The Beast” back from Snake Creek Marine where they installed my new lithium batteries for my 36 volt trolling motor. And repaired my one Tallon. The boat worked great and the guys let some fish by them for me to catch. […]

Well that didn’t Take Long

Got back Sunday night, Just got confirmation from the NRA today, Feb 14th, that they want me back as a speaker in 2025 for the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg as Pennsylvania’s longest active full time fishing guide of 44 years, will be 45 by then! I’ll be 70yrs old by then! Holy Crap! […]

Just got back from the Great American Outdoor Show going through a thousand emails where 25 of which were in reference to charters. The NRA put on a great show in which I booked many charters, sold a few hundred of the Adams fishing lures and close to a hundred of my books. I want […]

Getting Ready for show season

Starting to load the truck today for the Early Bird Expo in Bloomsburg PA. Jan 25th through the 28th. I Have a 20ft booth this year filled with all kinds of lures, new this year are Adams musky lures and suspending jerk baits, take a dollar chance at a 4hr charter with me on the […]

Great Winter Lure

When the river water gets below 40 degrees the main food for the predator fish is the minnow. The Rage Tail 3.25 Swimmer fills bill in cold water tactics. Rigged on a Predator jig in either 1/8oz or 3/16oz it’s deadly when fished slow. The winter bite is light so when in doubt, SET THE […]

Great December day

The day was sunny, the water dark stained and up to 35 degrees. The plan was to fish for musky for about 40-50 yds with the big lures from Adams Custom Lures then go over the same water with the bass rigs with Ragetail 2.75 and 3.25 swimmers. We had caught some nice bass and […]